"At Kamstrup, I received a warm welcome from my colleagues. Already from day one, there was a great interest for my competencies and my experience."

Line Laugesen Udengaard, Head of Market Communication

Line Laugesen Udengaard, Head of Market Communication

I applied at Kamstrup, as I was looking to work in an international environment where you are always looking for a better solution.

Kamstrup operates in an industry that is constantly developing. Political changes, changing market trends, new products and competitors are constantly having an effect on the market. This means that we always have to be ready to reprioritise and adapt to the market and what is important to be able to do efficient marketing. 

The exciting part of my job is having to pay attention to many different markets and customer segments. In addition, I have a very broad international contact surface and must understand different cultural differences. All of this helps ensuring that we communicate one Kamstrup and have a Kamstrup DNA that is adapted to every market that we enter. This makes my job challenging and exciting, and I am looking forward to see what the future brings at Kamstrup.

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Kamstrup is a versatile workplace with professional groups within both development, production, economics, sales, marketing and purchasing.
We appreciate the diversity as it creates a great dynamic in the work environment. Read stories from our employees below.
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