"In my job at Kamstrup, nothing ever becomes a routine. I experience great freedom with responsibility and great trust and support for the decisions you make during the project implementation process."

Christian Glistrup, Project Manager

Christian Glistrup, Project Manager

I have a background within automatic and process engineering, which was a deliberate choice in order to be practically prepared for the following diploma in engineering that I started shortly after finishing my apprenticeship. I have later received training within project management. 

The possibilities at Kamstrup are endless, but one should be ready to seize the opportunity and be prepared to look up new knowledge about our products that are developed on an ongoing basis. The company greatly supports further education and training and makes sure to prioritise this even in busy times. 

The fact that Kamstrup offers such a large variety of employee benefits, including dentist, chiropractor, masseuse, fitness and hairdresser, means that I spend much less time on transportation in general, making work and private life fit better together.

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Kamstrup is a versatile workplace with professional groups within both development, production, economics, sales, marketing and purchasing.
We appreciate the diversity as it creates a great dynamic in the work environment. Read stories from our employees below.
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