Our history

From a one-man band being run out of a small workshop in Aarhus, Denmark to a global powerhouse of the intelligent metering industry, this is the Kamstrup story.

Ever since Olaf Kamstrup went out on his own as a self-employed technician in 1946, the company has been driven by our late founder’s mantra that “there is always a better solution”. To this day, those words continue to drive our people as we pioneer advancements in smart metering solutions.

Throughout our journey there have been some pivotal moments that have required brave and bold decision making. One of which came in 1991 when, with only 100 staff, we were a minnow - a mere blip on the radar, amidst a sea of bigger, more powerful and more successful giants of industry. To change this, we took the brave decision to wager everything we had and roll the dice on new technology based on the ultrasonic measuring principle.

Today, that technology dominates the water and heat industry, we are more than ten times bigger and Kamstrup is widely considered to be one of the leading providers of solutions that help water, heat, cooling and electricity utilities to measure, manage and analyse energy and water consumption.

At the core of what we achieve for people is data. In an increasingly digital world, Kamstrup is unearthing more data and unlocking smarter ways of using it - to the betterment of businesses, people and the environment.

The timeline below maps out some of the defining moments in our history which changed the landscape of the metering industry and would solidify Kamstrup’s position at the forefront of the metering industry and the digital age.

Historic moments


Kamstrup launches an intelligent water metering solution with acoustic leak detection


Data analytics becomes a part of Kamstrup’s product line

Opening production facilities in the US (first production site outside DK)


The first Kamstrup IoT meters are introduced


Kamstrup launches the READy software platform


The smart grid platform OMNIA Suite is launched


The intelligent water meter MULTICAL® 21 is introduced


Kamstrup introduces the first generation of smart grid solutions


Wireless communication is integrated in Kamstrup meters


Kamstrup’s production becomes fully-automated


The first Kamstrup electricity meters is introduced


Kamstrup launches ultrasound metering


Kamstrup is acquired by the Danish energy company OK


Kamstrup is founded by Olaf Kamstrup in Aarhus, Denmark

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