Automated production

Our automated production facilities allow us to offer our customers customised products, competitive pricing and the shortest delivery time on the market.

At Kamstrup, we constantly strive to create better and lasting value for our customers. Our automatic production and skilled employees play a major role in securing them the best solution on the market in terms of both quality, flexibility and innovation.

In the early 2000s, we decided to reinvent our production facilities in Stilling. Until then, Kamstrup had been a mass-producing business just like every other company in the industry. Determined to put an end to stockpiles and strict delivery agreements, we decided to invest heavily in automated production lines.

Our automated production allows us to customise each delivery according to the needs of the individual customer. Regardless of its size, we are now able to produce each order within just a couple of days after it has been placed. In addition, the flexibility of our automated production lines enable us to keep a short delivery time, effectively avoiding large stocks.

These benefits ensure a consistently high quality of our products and solutions, which serves as the biggest benefit for our customers, who are dependent on accurate and reliable metering for operational optimisation and billing of their customers.

In relation to customisation, it is important to remember that every utility is unique and has different requirements and needs. With our automated production set-up, we ask the customers what they want and then we set the robots to produce exactly that.

State-of-the-art robots 

Driven by innovation and a strong belief in the potential of technology and digitalisation, we continue to invest in new technology. With high-tech facilities and state-of-the-art robots, we are able to provide consistency, precision and quality for every order, big or small.


The right framework

The high degree of automation in our production requires technically proficient employees. Extensive training and education programs ensure competent handling and quality control of all our products and solutions.

Furthermore, close proximity between our production and development facilitates rapid innovation. By keeping R&D under the same roof as production, we are able to reduce the delivery time on new products by enabling swift and efficient communication.

In addition, we believe that a close cooperation between the different departments promote knowledge sharing. With a large amount of experts within different areas of specialisation, this is key to being cost-efficient and drive innovation. And with the short physical distance between R&D and production, there is not far from idea to realisation. R&D is also involved in ongoing quality improvements. This provides valuable learning for the development of future products, enabling us to also meet the demands of our customers many years from now.

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