75 years of curiosity and innovation

In 2021 we celebrate our 75 year anniversary and the eventful history behind it. Being curious and courageous is essential for us. It is a vision as well as an ambition. Starting off as a metering business, we have developed into a knowledgeable organisation who delivers complete water and energy solutions including meters, data analytics as well as hosting and service. Focusing on data and quality solutions, we’re taking advanced steps towards a more sustainable future for the water and energy industries.

“There is always a better solution”

Ever since our founder Olaf Kamstrup started as a self-employed precision engineer in 1946, the company has been driven by his mantra that “There is always a better solution”. His interest in developing new technology and his ability to make courageous decisions has made us curious and innovative in everything we do.

Launching our first meters

In 1959 we launched our first energy meters for district heating, the calorimeters. This marked the beginning of our heating business and provided a solid foundation for our future. Building on our experience and innovative efforts we were able to introduce the first MULTICAL® heat meter in 1984, implementing microprocessors and LCD display for the first time. This changed Kamstrup’s market position over the following years.

The ultrasonic shift

A combination of courage and persistence culminated in 1991 where we launched our very own highly remarkable ultrasonic heat/cooling meter ULTRAFLOW®. The ultrasonic technology was a paradigm shift for Kamstrup, but the willingness to change course dramatically changed our position in the heating market. ULTRAFLOW ® became one of the most significant products to set the direction for our future.

Exploring new businesses

The business continued to expand and by 1995 Kamstrup had outgrown office and production locations, and moved to Stilling. Here we took even larger steps in our development. We launched our first electricity meter in 1998 and entered an entirely new area of business in 2010 by introducing the intelligent water meter MULTICAL® 21. With an ambition to become market leader, Kamstrup advanced the water meters and introduced built-in acoustic leak detection in 2019 and showed our continuous willingness to disrupt the market.

The journey has only just begun

Today we are known as a significant player within intelligent metering solutions for the water and energy sectors. We are 1500 people across 25 countries selling solutions and services in more than 90 countries. At Kamstrup, we are revolutionising the supply of clean water and energy, through intelligence. We have already gone further than few had thought possible just a few years ago. And we firmly believe that this journey has only just begun.

This only represents a fraction of our history, but you can read more about it here.

More than a workplace

From the beginning Kamstrup was always more than just a workplace. Believing that social and physical well-being is crucial to developing a strong work environment has been a core value throughout the years. Today, Kamstrup is still ambitious when it comes to well-being at the workplace.

Bold moves keep Kamstrup ahead

When introducing ULTRAFLOW® Kamstrup took a bold move based on innovation and intensive product development. Today we still reach out and grab new opportunities as we again strive to be first movers on new technology.

From meters to intelligent solutions

Through time Kamstrup has gone from producing precise metering to applying layers of intelligence and data solutions. This means that we today can supply a range of solutions and services to provide more value to our customers.