Grid analytics for the digital smart grid

Everyone’s talking about data. And as a power utility, chances are you already have it in abundance. Let’s put it to use! 

Every day more consumers plug in their electric vehicles and fit their houses with rooftop solar panels, and all the while the grid infrastructure is steadily ageing. At the same time, utilities are under a growing pressure to become more efficient on all levels, both reducing waste/saving energy and operating the grid in a more cost-efficient manner – while still delivering the high power quality a modern society expects.

So imagine what it will mean to be able to even out the grid load, spot theft and easily identify technical losses – and the reason behind them. Imagine the possible savings from utilizing your equipment to the fullest and being able to reduce and target your investments in new cables and transformers. With intelligent analytics tools, all of this is entirely possible.

Our intelligent electric grid analytics platform provides you with actionable grid insights and detailed knowledge about what goes on under the ground, even in the outermost areas of the low-voltage grid.

Easy access to all your digital solutions

You can access our analytics tools and your other Kamstrup application via My Kamstrup – on all devices, whenever and wherever you need.
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