Kamstrup enters the USA

Beating water loss with smart water metering

Smart metering manufacturer, Kamstrup, introduces its solution for intelligent water metering on the US market.

Kamstrup, who has had great success with its water metering solutions in several regions of the world, is now looking to America for new opportunities. Based in Atlanta, Kamstrup is hiring sales consultants and technical supporters in order to serve American providers of drinking water with latest technology water meters and metering systems. Kamstrup expects to be offering service and support with nationwide coverage within few months.

Country manager, Jarmo Jake Heikkinen, says: “We have a clear mission here. Natural water shortage and leaks in the distribution system are ubiquitous and immediate problems that need to be addressed with consequence. We have had great success with our intelligent water metering systems performing leakage detection and securing revenue for water utilities worldwide. And as we see many of the same problems in the USA with aging distribution systems and water

shortage, we believe that we have the right product to the right time. Being a finite resource, fresh drinking water should not be wasted.”

Mr. Heikkinen refers to the publication Distribution System Inventory, Integrity and Water Quality issued by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) where it is estimated that there are close to 237,600 breaks per year in the United States leading to approximately $2.8 billion lost in yearly revenue.

“These figures clearly indicate that there is a strong business case for utilities in upgrading to intelligent water metering. With more than 3 million sold ultrasonic consumption meters, we are introducing proven technology.”

Country Manager, Jarmo Jake Heikkinen

If you don’t measure, you don’t know

Metering of water consumption is the starting point for water conservation. In order to reduce what obviously seems to be an unacceptable waste of water and to strengthen the focus on consumption, the deployment of intelligent water meters is an indispensable measure.

The heart of Kamstrup’s smart water meters is the ultrasonic measuring method combined with digital data processing.

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Ultrasonic measuring secures high accuracy throughout a long product life due to the fact that the ultrasonic meter is without movable parts in the pipe. Even a slight imprecision in the measuring method will add up to large amounts of water when it occurs in thousands of meters.

With digital processing all unusual events like burst and tamper attempts will

be logged together with consumption data for 460 days giving operation managers and consumers a strong basis for trouble-shooting and decision-making.

In several cases water utilities have been able to register leakages already at the very first meter reading control. The leakages were caused by running toilets, dripping water taps and burst pipes. Early detection not only prevented waste of water but also damages on property and costly repairs.

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