Steady production throughout the summer holidays

The summer holidays are coming up, but we will keep our production units running throughout July and August ensuring continuous delivery to you.


The last three months have been extraordinary and in many ways challenging, forcing us to adapt and take on a new and different approach to do business beyond usual.

The primary bumps on the road right now are the continued logistic constraints in- and outbound caused by closed boarders, but also in this aspect we have adapted a new way of working to mitigate impact on our deliveries. Being in almost daily contact with our main component suppliers and our logistics providers we have seized the crisis to further strengthen and develop our partnership. 

The COVID-19 situation has impacted our business, like many others, but we have learned and grown from the experience making us more agile than ever. We are here to do business with you, no matter the circumstances - and all our production units are running throughout the summer holidays. 

Have a great summer!


During the COVID-19 crisis, we have been able to keep our production running smoothly - thanks to a great effort from our employees, suppliers and customers. Our Senior Vice President from Supply Chain, Jens Ebbesen gives a brief introduction to what we have done to keep our employees safe and ensure delivery to our customers.