Revolutionising remote meter reading

Stiling, Denmark, 22 May 2015

Kamstrup's new flexible network solution makes it even easier for utilities and housing associations to choose remote meter reading and offer extra services like faster leak detection to their customers.

"Reading our meters has become much easier, and we can detect leaks faster, and so stop water being wasted. At the same time we don't have to think about data security and IT resources, because Kamstrup takes care of all that”.

 Per Møller, Works Manager for Børkop Vandværk (waterworks).

Companies love READy

Automated reading of consumption meters delivers a wealth of benefits – for utilities, housing associations and individual consumers. This is why Kamstrup has further developed READy, its highly popular automated meter reading solution. Now large and small utilities and housing associations can carry out remote meter reading via an installed communications network.

Kamstrup's new READy solution will be launched on 1 May, and its design means that the utility company or housing association can install the network's antennas as required, by themselves.

"Installing and expanding the network is so simple it's revolutionary. The small whip antennas are easy

to fit, using four screws. For example, they can be fitted to the end wall of a building. Then, all you have to do is provide the unit with power to establish the remote meter reading network," says Lars Hovgaard, Product Manager at Kamstrup.

The new solution is a further development of the existing READy solution, which is based on mobile meter reading – and the two ways of reading meters can easily be combined. In other words, customers who already have READy installed can easily upgrade to the network solution. This also ensures that there is a perfect cohesive solution for customers who want to start with mobile reading

and then upgrade their solution in the future with one or several antennas.

"Because it's possible to combine mobile and network reading, the network can be started in individual areas while mobile meter reading carries on in other areas. This means the network can be expanded a bit at a time, where you can start in areas that have many meters or in areas that are inaccessible if needed," points out Lars Hovgaard.

Since it was launched in 2014, over 300 utility companies and housing associations have chosen READy, Kamstrup's remote meter reading solution. And all of them love how easily it works and how much manpower the solution saves during the working day. 

"I'm extremely positively surprised about just how effective READy is. We don't even have to get in the stairwell, so it's a really great tool for our work."

Henrik Hansen, Senior Caretaker in Gildbroterrasserne Homeowners' Association.