New development director will strengthen Kamstrup’s innovation

August 1, 2019

The technology company Kamstrup adds new forces to the development area with the employment of former Grundfos director Lars Enevoldsen, who will be new director for Kamstrup’s software development.

Kamstrup has throughout the years invested heavily in innovation, technology and product development and has 350 employees working with innovation and development today. A large part of these 350 development employees work with software for the company’s intelligent metering solutions. This corresponds to every fourth employee working with development and in 2019 alone, the plan is to invest almost 13,5 % of the turnover in Kamstrup on development of new products and services. 

‘’Through digitalisation, we help utilities all over the world with more effective ways to ensure clean water and energy. We need to constantly find smarter ways using data, so we can add more value to our customers’ business. We will continue doing this. Therefore, we have now chosen to strengthen our development area with a dedicated leader, who has many years of experience within innovation, product development and digitalisation,’’ says Kim Lehmann, CEO in Kamstrup.  

The focus on exploiting data for the benefit of the climate and society is exactly what drives the new director. 

‘’If we use data correctly, there is a huge potential for reducing waste of water and energy. By installing intelligent meters in all houses, the utilities get a real opportunity to influence the consumption and reduce possibly waste,’’ says the new director for software technology Lars Enevoldsen. 

He adds: ‘’I have always had a particular interest in technology, and I am looking forward continuing the development of the products that give many utilities an insight in what is happening in the distribution network. We must continue being the first and find digital solutions and tools that can make it easier to optimise the distribution network and avoid unnecessary use of water and energy.’’ 

To obtain the biggest possible value for the utility and the society, Lars Enevoldsen also want to focus on creating more cooperations with partners:  

‘’Our solutions gather a lot of knowledge and we would like to use this knowledge to develop the next generation of solutions in cooperation with customers and other technology companies. Data can and shall be used, so our consumption of resources is used most effectively all the time.’’ 

‘’We will lead the way when it comes to digital solutions and it requires first of all skilled employees. We are very aware of this and thus, I will continue the focus on continuous education and also the good cooperation with the universities,’’ says Lars Enevoldsen. 

Lars Enevoldsen comes from a job as Group Vice President for Digital Commercial Offerings in Grundfos, where he has built up his experience for the past 24 years. Furthermore, Lars is deputy chairman for the Board at Aalborg University.

Lars Enevoldsen

  • 49 years old and lives in Hinnerup with his wife Birgitte and their three children 
  • B.Sc. Electrical from Engineering College of Aarhus and HD(U) from Aarhus School of Business 
  • Started as Development Engineer at Grundfos in 1995 and has since then had several leading positions within innovation, technology and digitalisation in the same company 
  • His latest position was Group Vice President Digital Commercial Offerings
  • Deputy chairman for the Board at Aalborg University