Kamstrup introduces the most flexible heat meter on the market

Flexibility is key

With MULTICAL® 403, utilities get a meter that generates tangible and measurable savings in terms of both time and money.

Flexible design and functionality saves time and money
The compact design of the MULTICAL® 403 makes it both service- and installation friendly. The meter fits all installations without compromising the display angle, and this makes the time consumption and associated costs for installation and maintenance lower than ever before. 

The wide meter selection from qp 0.6 to qp 15m3/h makes MULTICAL® 403 suitable for many application types ranging from apartments to shopping centres and office buildings. The many configuration options which can be performed directly from the front panel of the meter means that the utilities now only need to keep one meter type on stock. Parameters such as target date and the flow sensor’s placement in inlet or outlet position can be adjusted directly at the installation site with no need for special-purpose tools. Thus, fewer resources are needed for planning.
Easy access to data as basis for operational optimisations
MULTICAL® 403 supports remote reading which enables faster billing and gives utilities instant access to the information they need to analyse and optimise their applications. The data logger is fully programmable and is capable of delivering data with as low as one minute intervals allowing utilities to quickly and effectively identify load profiles, errors and inconsistencies.

Depending on the utility’s needs, MULTICAL® 403 can be equipped with a range of communication modules including Wireless- or Wired M-Bus as well as pulse input and output modules. Software updates of the meter and the modules can take place separately. This means that future upgrades can be made remotely as new possibilities and challenges occur without interfering  with legal registers, meter readings or network management.
Increased accuracy and reduced lifetime costs
With MULTICAL® 403, the total dynamic range has been increased to 1600:1 from saturation to start (qp:qi = 250:1). This ensures that even the lowest possible flow is measured ensuring accurate billing and invoicing for the utilities.

”Even with an increased dynamic range, MULTICAL® 403 has a considerably lower pressure loss than previous versions. This reduces the energy consumption for circulation pumps and limits the facility’s energy loss to an absolute minimum – all of which contributes to the very low total lifetime cost of this product,” explains Søren Lang, Product Group Manager i Kamstrup.
Kamstrup’s newest heat meter, the MULTICAL® 403, is based on innovative ultrasonic technology and high quality combined with an understanding of the challenges faced by utilities both today and in the future. The meter has been type tested according to the new standard EN 1434:2015 and it has been approved for use as both a heat meter, a cooling meter and as a combined heat and cooling meter.

”The utilities are looking for metering solutions that make it easier for them to optimise their daily work. With MULTICAL® 403, they get a meter that generates tangible and measurable savings in terms of both time and money. At the same time, the meter supports the demand for further streamlining and optimisation of how energy is metered in the future,” says Søren Lang, Product Group Manager at Kamstrup.

For further information please contact:

Product Group Manager, Søren Lang, Kamstrup, telefon: +45 89 93 10 32