Kamstrup joins NCE Smart Energy Markets

Stilling, Denmark

Kamstrup believes there is a lot of potential in the partnership agreement with international industry cluster NCE Smart Energy Markets, made up of 41 public and private companies.


Water technology on the agenda

Danish Kamstrup is the market leader in smart metering systems for energy and water metering in the Nordic Region. For example, Kamstrup is strongly positioned in the Norwegian electricity meter market, while the Norwegian water market is still under development. Today, only about half of all Norwegian homes have a water meter installed. Consequently, Kamstrup believes there is huge potential in Norway.    

In recent times, Norwegians have started to see clean water as an important resource. This is where Kamstrup can get involved, reading water meters by utilising the existing energy infrastructure for reading electricity meters. This will mean that Norway will gain a more comprehensive and efficient network for collecting meter data, while Kamstrup will become better known as a system supplier to the Norwegian market.

"There's a lot of focus on energy efficiency across the whole of Europe. This is why we have to look at

every link in the chain. Production, distribution and at the customers locations. At Kamstrup, we want to collaborate with the most innovative players in the industry, including for example eSmart, which has created some very exciting new solutions, which are being tested in Norway today," says Kristian Hammer, Sales Manager at Kamstrup, explaining the background to the partnership agreement.

As a result of the agreement, Kamstrup gains an extended network and even greater insight into the Norwegian market, which is primarily driven by municipal plants. As part of the agreement, Kamstrup becomes a partner in a pilot project in Hvaler Municipality, where in a close collaboration with the municipality and the company eSmart Systems, Kamstrup will connect a smart water meter reading system on Hvaler Municipality's existing project for smart electricity meters under the name Smart Energy Hvaler.

As the supplier of the electricity metering system, Kamstrup already has comprehensive knowledge of the infrastructure, and in the first stage, the company will connect 4,000 water meters to the system, ensuring data is read via the electricity meters.

"The project in Hvaler is one of the most innovative projects in Northern Europe. In light of the challenges that the world is facing, with water shortages and the challenges of water quality, it's also immensely relevant in a global context," says Jesper Daugaard, Vice President Nordic Region at Kamstrup. 

"eSmart Systems and Kamstrup, and our visualisation program eButler, are a really good fit. While eSmart focuses on innovation in the optimisation of operations of utility companies, eButler has the consumer side. This is why we also see the partnership as a springboard for introducing eButler in Norway, where we see many possibilities," says Kristian Hammer.

NCE Smart Energy Markets
• International network established in 2009
• Public-private partnerships includes 41 companies 
• Microsoft, SAAB and COWI is among the partners