Karlshamn Energi chooses Kamstrup for smart metering of heat and water

February 10th, 2021

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Karlshamn Energi AB chooses Kamstrup as a supplier of smart meters and infrastructure for both heat and water.

Future smart water meters will be installed in Karlshamn to effectively automate readings and find suspicious leaks in the distribution network using a new feature found in the flowIQ2200 meter. The entire Kamstrup value chain with meters, infrastructure, READy remote reading system and the analytics tool Leak Detector makes it possible to prioritise work to get the most efficient distribution network possible and reduce water loss.

"We look forward to working with Karlshamn Energi. The solution is future-proof with a focus on leak detection, the analytics module Leak Detector makes this possible by locating leaks both on service pipes and in the distribution network. This means that Karlshamn Energi can spend time fixing leaks, instead of looking blindly for them," says Jörgen Svensson, Sales Manager in Kamstrup.

- Kamstrup's solution also enables Karlshamn Energi to collect data from its heat meters in the same infrastructure and reading system, an efficient way to cooperate between the benefits of heat and water. The availability of data provides great insight into the distribution network and the opportunity to optimise the business and provide even better service to end customers, says Linda Rosén, Sales Manager in Kamstrup.

"We look forward to what the digitalisation of water meters offers. The cooperation with Kamstrup and the possibilities they provide with new functionality in both software and meters will ultimately mean both cost and resource savings in the form of reduced water losses. Getting the heat meters into the same infrastructure is another win," says Marcus Steen, measurement engineer at Karlshamn Energi's measurement department.