The energy company in Northern Cyprus, KIB-TEK, has chosen Kamstrup as supplier of 36.000 smart electricity meters.The smart meter project is the first of its kind in Northern Cyprus.

"Kamstrup was chosen because of a very competitive product of high quality. Being a manufacturer based in Denmark, with a fully automated production brings a consistent level of quality and traceability. So far, we have had only one returned meter out of more than 15.000 meters installed. Furthermore, Kamstrup offers very good support in all aspects of the project, from integration to training of installers. We believe that Kamstrup will be an important partner for KIB-TEK in the future"

General Director of KIB-TEK Mehmet Salih Gurkan.

Strong, competitive partner

The Danish smart metering company Kamstrup has won a public tender to the local energy company in Northern Cyprus, KIB-TEK. The order comprises 30.000 OMNIPOWER single phase meters and 6.000 OMNIPOWER three phase meters, all with disconnect and GPRS communication. 

All Kamstrup smart meters are with DLMS (Device Language Message Specifications), an open protocol, which is easy to integrate into the existing system from the Slovenian company ISKRA. In that work, Kamstrup will also support the ISKRA in the integration of the system.

KIB-TEK is the only electricity company in Northern Cyprus with approximately 175.000 customers.
It is one of the most advanced electricity utilities in the region, in terms of smart metering. 

One of the major challenges in The Northern Cyprus electricity network is the high level of voltage fluctuations in the grid, arising from the extreme climatic environment on the Island. 

To overcome this problem and the damages it causes, Kamstrup has developed an extra feature specifically for the Northern Cyprus market, a disconnect solution that automatically switches off the meter, if the voltage level becomes too high. 

This solution protects the end-users against fire accidents and damaged in-home appliances,
and helps KIB-TEK to provide security for its customers.  

The order fortifies Kamstrup’s position in the region within smart metering, where Kamstrup now has the position as market leader in Northern Cyprus.

 - The tender shows, that Kamstrup is very competitive in the region and a strong partner in smart metering in the entire region, says René Nygaard Jensen, Regional Sales Manager in Kamstrup. 

The rollout began in December 2014 and is expected to end in 1. half of 2015. KIB-TEK planned to change all their electricity meters into smart meters in the coming years.

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