Kamstrup expands its business in the Middle East

The Danish technology company Kamstrup has signed a contract of two new pilot projects with Iranian company Iran Ensheab Co. The contract was signed in connection to a visit in Iran with a delegation from the Danish water sector.

November 14, 2017 – For a long time, water scarcity and a high level of non-revenue water have been causing great challenges in the water sector in Iran. In some areas, the loss of non-revenue water is up to 60 percent. However, political openness towards modern technology is giving Iran new-found possibilities to meet and solve these challenges, and the Iranian government has stated that they are aiming to reduce the entire country’s non-revenue water by bringing it down to about 15-17 per cent.

Danish Kamstrup, who delivers intelligent metering solutions, is experiencing the growing political interest in modern technology and the value of precise metering data. 

“We are convinced that remote reading and ultrasonic metering will be able to help solving some of the challenges in the Iranian water sector. With the intelligence built into our meters, the  Iranian utilities can reduce waste by utilising the possibilities of remote reading their meters. In that way they can also quickly identify where to optimise their network”, says Per Trøjbo, SVP from Kamstrup.

Per Trøjbo continues: “In previous projects we have experienced to half the non-revenue water by monitoring the network and detecting leakages, and we expect to see similar results in Iran. We are looking forward to introduce new technology to the Iranian water sector and help them optimise where needed”.

In connection to Kamstrup’s visit in Iran, the company signed both a partner contract and an agreement of two pilot projects with the local Iranian company Iran Ensheab Co. The projects include intelligent water meters and remote reading system. The signing took place at the Iranian ministry of Energy.

The Water sector visit takes place from 12th – 14th November where Kamstrup, along with six other companies, is representing the Danish Water and Waste Water delegation. The purpose of the meeting is to give Danish companies insight into Iranian water market, and in addition, the Danish delegation get to present their products and services and create new relations with authorities within the water and wastewater sector.

“Signing with Iran Ensheab Co. gives us the possibility to enter the market with local knowledge and expertise and with this partnership we will be able to provide the right and best solutions for the Iranian utilities. In addition, we are happy to gain a new relation in Iran, and we are looking forward to redeem the growing potential of Iran,“ says Per Trøjbo, SVP from Kamstrup.

Signing by CEO Habibollah Tavasoli from Iran Ensheab Co. and Mikael Hansen, Head of Distributor sales – EMEA & Asia from Kamstrup.