Kamstrup receives new order of intelligent water meters in UAE

Federal Electricity and Water Authority, who provides more than 300,000 customers in the Northern part of the United Arab Emirates with electricity and water, is investing in smart water metering solutions.

Federal Electricity and Water Authority, FEWA, has initiated a new partnership with an order of 30,000 intelligent water meters from Danish Kamstrup, a world-leading provider of intelligent metering solutions. The investment in these meters and smart metering will enable FEWA with operational efficiency and optimisation of their business. 

In the beginning of August, representatives from FEWA have been on inspection at the Danish headquarters in Stilling to approve the new meters. The installation of the meters is expected to begin in September.

“Our intelligent water meters provide FEWA with technology that makes a difference in its ability to optimise the distribution network, and reduce water waste. The meters provide a large quantity of data, which makes it possible to detect leakages faster, collect information about the network and detect tampering. In addition, the high accuracy of the meter ensures precise billing of the consumption, and the technology makes the consumers capable of following their consumption even closer,“ says Danish Fareed, General Manager, UAE.
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