Ghana invests in modern technology to save water

Water scarcity and a high level of non-revenue water are two challenging issues in Ghana. The need for solving and meeting these challenges is evident, and with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Danish supplier of water metering solutions Kamstrup, the Government in Ghana shows openness to invest in modern technology.

Yesterday, in connection to Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark visiting Ghana, Kamstrup, the Ghana Ministry of Water and Sanitation and project partner Scanvision signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU includes an agreement of 500,000 intelligent water meters and a remote reading system. The signing is a clear signal that investing in modern technology is a political priority, and it addresses the huge challenges with non-revenue water that makes up 50% of Ghana’s water consumption.

“With this agreement Ghana is absolutely one of the pioneering countries in Africa in terms of investing in digitalisation of the water supply. A higher awareness of the consumption is one important thing, but digitalisation will also have a significant impact on preserving the country’s water resources in general”, says Per Trøjbo, Senior Vice President.

Recently, Ghana Water Company has invested in 40,000 intelligent water meters, which has provided more knowledge about the possibilities of intelligent metering.

“Intelligent water meters will not only enable Ghana to measure their consumers’ water consumption more precisely, they will also detect and locate leaks in the pipes. In addition, remote reading will make the reading process more reliable for both consumers and the utilities as it will replace manual reading of the meters”, says Per Trøjbo, Senior Vice President.

The MoU is a preliminary agreement of a huge investment in Kamstrup technology, and the involved parties will, in the coming months after the signing, initiate negotiations regarding terms and conditions.

“We have seen really good results in previous projects where the non-revenue water has been halved and we believe the same is possible in Ghana. We are looking forward to further cooperation with Ghana and to help them achieve the advantages from intelligent metering”

- Per Trøjbo, Senior Vice President.

For more information, contact:

Per Trøjbo 
Senior Vice President, Water Meter Division
T: +45 40 86 11 43