Yet another large Norwegian order to Kamstrup

The three Norwegian energy companies Fredrikstad Nett, Follo netværk and Askøy Online, who have joined forces in Fredrikstad Energi AS, have selected Kamstrup as the supplier of a smart metering solution including 85,000 remotely read electricity meters.

During the autumn, negotiations have been conducted with two suppliers of smart metering solutions. Both suppliers could fulfil Fredrikstad Energi’s functional and technical requirements which have a strong focus on a future-proof solution. Kamstrup’s smart grid platform OMNIA was selected after a general assessment in which investment and operational costs were the decisive factors. The contract between Kamstrup and Fredrikstad Energi was signed yesterday, on 2 December 2015.

"In addition to a competitive price, Kamstrup is characterised by a professional project organisation, taking responsibility of the delivery," says Eilert Henriksen, Manager of the energy companies in Fredrikstad Energi AS.

In the period from 2016 to 2018, approx. 85,000 electricity meters will be replaced by new intelligent meters in the three supply areas. A pilot project, which includes approx. 1000-2000 metering points,
will be carried out in the areas in the second quarter of 2016. After the completion of this pilot project, a careful assessment is required before the final roll-out is started in the third quarter of 2016.

"Besides the significantly more efficient processes for measuring and invoicing, we are now able to realise the value which was demonstrated in another pilot project in Norway, Smart Energi Hvaler. Of course, a lot of work processes and several IT systems now have to be adapted, for example a new central system needs to be developed which must be fully integrated with the new solution. We look forward to implementing the adaptations after New Year which will ensure our continued position among the most efficient energy companies in Norway", Eilert Henriksen continues.

To the Norwegian consumers, the roll-out of the remotely read meters means that they avoid having to read their consumption themselves.
At the same time, they can, to a greater extent, get access to their consumption data, enabling them to control their own electricity consumption. 

"Kamstrup’s system delivers the highest performance and the best integration on the market. This means that Fredrikstad Energi can reduce the costs and risks from day one and in the entire project duration. All energy companies in the agreement will be able to optimise the energy supply and create an even better economic business which will also be of benefit to the consumers", says Per-Otto Lie, Sales Manager of Kamstrup in Norway.

The contract with Fredrikstad Energi comes in continuation of a number of agreements with Norwegian energy companies including Smart Power Northwest and AMS Nord. The agreement emphasises Kamstrup’s position as the leading supplier of smart metering solutions in Scandinavia.

About the energy companies in Fredrikstad Energi AS

The energy companies in Fredrikstad Energi are Fredrikstad Nett, Follo netværk and Askøy Nett. These energy companies deliver electricity to approx. 90,000 consumers in seven municipalities and four counties. For many years, all three companies have been among the most efficient energy companies in Norway. 

For further information, please contact

Eilert Henriksen, Manager, Fredrikstad Energi AS, phone +47 918 17 536
Per-Otto Lie, Sales Manager, Kamstrup, 
phone:  +47 4000 5523