Ennatuurlijk invests in intelligent metering solution

April 29, 2021

As part of the Netherlands’ claim about being CO2 neutral by 2050, Ennatuurlijk will upgrade their meter park with an intelligent metering solution. The digitalisation supports the sustainable ambition and will at the same time ensure compliance with the EU energy efficiency directive (EED).

After many years of collaboration the Danish technology company Kamstrup and the energy utility Ennatuurlijk will prolong their partnership as they enter into an agreement about delivery of an intelligent heat metering solution including 70.000 intelligent meters, software and operation.

The EED is the driver of making the investment now, but the ambition with digitalising the network is to get a better foundation for taking the right and most sustainable decisions about network optimisation and energy efficiency.

“Every day we work with our customers on more sustainable heat for tomorrow. In doing so, we need insight into how our heat is delivered. What could be more efficient? Are there any errors or leaks? The intelligent metering solution helps us and our customers to continuously improve delivery, so that the heating of homes and businesses is well regulated today and becomes even more sustainable tomorrow”, says Thomas Toussaint, Asset Manager from Ennatuurlijk. He continues:

“Being able to get more data about the consumption our customers will receive an energy report every month in which they can see what their heat consumption is and the associated costs. Increased awareness about consumption  will lead to energy savings – that is evident from practice.”

The new digital solution will bring several benefits for both Ennatuurlijk and their customers:

“We have been working with Ennatuurlijk for many years and we are very proud of being part of the process of digitalising the distribution network. This project will benefit both Ennatuurlijk and their customers as optimal use of data will make them capable of identifying issues earlier and visualise consumption even better for their customers ”, says René Lansink, Country Manager in the Netherlands.

The agreement includes intelligent heat meters, remote reading system, communication infrastructure and a support and operation agreement for 20 years including hosting of data, software maintenance and support.

Ennatuurlijk has more than 85,000 private and retail customers. In recent years, Ennatuurlijk has installed 12,500 meters, which are already intelligent, but still work as a normal meter. Once the communication networks and the data platform are ready, it will be possible to activate them and integrate them in the new digital solution.

The replacement of the old meters will start in June 2021. In 2024, all meters will be installed and by then all end-consumers will reap the benefits of the digital solution.