Sustainable houses

Construye Solar, Santiago, Chile

The house of the future

New types of sustainable houses have emerged at the O'Higgings park in Santiago, where universities are competing to define the environmentally friendly house of the future.

The usage of solar energy is an imperative ingredient in each of the houses, and in the sunny Santiago this secures the energy supply during the day. A Kamstrup electricity meter secures that produced electricity, supplied to the grid from the solar panels, is measured correctly. Separately the meter is logging the electricity consumption from the grid during night time. The electricity meter with bidirectional measurement is certified and approved for Chile.

Kamstrup has also sponsored water meters for the exhibition to secure a fair an automated measurement in the competition of making the best energy friendly house in Chile.

"With the environmental challenges and scarcity of resources we are facing it is important to find the best among good ideas.

Measuring the actual energy and water consumption allows us to do just that," explains Sales Manager, Ramón Lopez. The Intelligent Kamstrup meters also have alerts that prevent tampering and cheating. "We can guarantee that the measuring is 100% fair."

"It is impressive to see the creativity and a good mix of design and sustainable thinking. With Construye Solar, Chile is not only activating intellectual capacity of its Universities but also showcasing good ideas for inspiration for other countries in Latin America. It takes courage to take the lead, but when the focus is to combine comfort, economical growth and green thinking it pays off in the long run," explains Jesper Daugaard, Vice President Nordic Region, from the Kamstrup headquarters in Denmark.