AquaGlobe – New center for innovation and communication

September 20th, 2016

The Danish city Skanderborg will be home to a new center for innovation and communication for the Danish water industry. It will serve to promote sales and export of Danish water technology, among others. Skanderborg Supply Company has initiated the project together with three leading companies within water technology: Grundfos, Kamstrup and AVK.

The status of Skanderborg as a natural powerhouse within the Danish water sector will now be further strengthened with the establishment of AquaGlobe, a new center for innovation and communication. Behind the project is Skanderborg Supply Company, in cooperation with leading companies within water technology.

”AquaGlobe is a value-creating community for the Danish water industry. Here you can experience the water cycle and the good solutions we create here in Skanderborg,” says Jens F. Bastrup, CEO of Skanderborg Supply Company.
Cooperation across the industry
The foundation of AquaGlobe consists of projects and cooperations across the water industry with a focus on sales, export, education and recruiting as well as fun and learning. The water technology companies Grundfos, Kamstrup and AVK have chosen to enter the project as co-initiators and can for example use AquaGlobe for development, testing, demonstration of solutions and inspirational visits from abroad.

The physical setting of AquaGlobe will include a water-based learning environment and a vibrant visitor- and inspiration center for new, Danish water technology, 

while there will also be more room for the employees of the supply company.

Recruiting and export
Kamstrup, one of the co-initiators of AquaGlobe, sees clear benefits of working across the water industry. Per Trøjbo, Sr. VP. Of the water division, explains: 

”We see AquaGlobe as an opportunity to showcase our technology in action for costumers nationally and internationally. We also want to attract qualified employees and make the water industry interesting – especially for students. We think AquaGlobe can contribute to this.”

AquaGlobe is expected to be opened in the beginning of December 2017. Jakobsen & Blindkilde are exclusive contractors on the construction of AquaGlobe, which is designed by CUBO Architects.

Watch the video about AquaGlobe

For further information, please contact:

Jens F. Bastrup, CEO of Skanderborg Supply Company
T: +45 29 38 28 44