New visual identity

Setting out for more

For many years we have led our industry through breakthrough innovation and product development. It has led to great products, growth and success for us and our customers. Having established ourselves as leading global supplier, we know there is still far more we can achieve.

Servicing the industry of water and energy supply, we see an increasingly competitive market, with tight cost constraints, comprehensive legislation and escalating environmental pressures. This calls for a partner who provides added value at every turn; a partner that continues to improve and be of higher significant value to you and your stakeholders. 

With this in mind, we have undergone a branding process to develop a new corporate identity. The new identity is a first and important step to building a strong brand, painting a clear vision of the future of intelligent metering, and working for a brighter future for energy and water suppliers.

To us, this means:

  • Bringing customer demands and technology closer together
  • Inspiring solutions, that are interoperable and scalable
  • Focusing on data analytics that deliver added value to our AMR and AMM solutions
  • Communicating more openly about future plans and visions

Unchanged is our strong focus on innovation and technology; our clear and high ambition to be leading in our business; our organization built on expertise and the power to act to benefit our customers, and last but not least our focus on delivering customer trust.

Changing the visual


The logo has undergone a small change with a big difference. We removed the ellipse but kept the reference to the letter K. We changed the color to a bright red, representing a progressive and forward-thinking attitude based on a personal and human interaction.

Moving forward the new logo will be used in all new materials and on all new products.

For any brand material please contact Brand Manager, Louise Vestergaard-Hansen.

Style and tone

A predominant pictorial universe depicting the communities our customers serve.

It is colorful, playful and multinational and has a human and warm touch, recognizing that metering is about thinking forward to secure our natural resources for us and the next generations to come.

Our story

Embodies what we stand for and the reputation we want to create as your business partner.

"We define our value by the progress we create for others.

We use our superior technology, deep customer understanding and industry vision to deliver more intelligent, reliable and cost effective ways to measure and manage the consumption of energy and water.

Our innovation helps customers all over the world protect their reputation, develop more efficient ways of working, and identify new opportunities for future growth.

By anticipating our customers’ challenges, we enable them to run a better business and inspire smarter, more responsible solutions for the communities they serve."