Automated Meter reading (AMR)
Internet of things (IoT)

Hassle-free daily operations with READy hosted

  • Collect data automatically and safely
  • Detect leaks and other irregularities immediately
  • Monitor consumption closely in a fully GDPR-compliant system

Save time, costs and resources

A hosted READy meter reading solution is the ideal way to an easier workday and excellent TCO for your customers. Combined with best-in-class ultrasonic meters, this fully automated set-up replaces time-consuming manual data collection with easy, fast and reliable meter reading. It is end-to-end secure and fully GDPR-compliant.

Specifying READy hosted for your next building project or meter exchange means putting your name on a future-proof solution that helps your customers to hassle-free daily operations. Not only do you enable customers to collect and handle consumption data in the best possible way. You also ensure their freedom to choose service supplier for billing.

Safely stored in READy, your customers can access consumption data 24/7 without asking or waiting for a third party. This makes responding to leaks or unusual consumption levels very easy, and it saves both their property management and tenants from unexpected extra bills.

Let us help you find the best solution for your next project and make your customers’ daily operations much easier!

Save time

Automatic meter reading ensures accurate real-time consumption data from the point of installation. Your customers can say goodbye to the tedious tasks of gaining access to meters to read them, following up on faulty or missing readings or worrying about data safety and the GDPR. This frees a lot of time for other important tasks.

Transferring data directly from READy to your customer’s preferred billing system takes only a few clicks, so billing is both safe and hassle-free – no more problematic data tranfers, onboarding additional IT systems or waiting in line for help along the way.

Save money

With 24/7 data availability, your customers have the insight needed to prioritise tasks according to urgency. In case a leak or another irregularity occurs, READy immediately sends a notification by email/SMS, so that your customer can act swiftly and reduce potential damage to buildings or personal belongings.

Real-time data also enables fair and accurate billing of residents without your customers having to rely on information from a third party. This makes calculated estimates a thing of the past and significantly lowers the number of hours that your customers spend on manual reading and billing processes.

Save energy and water

Being able to monitor energy and water consumption based on real-time data – and perhaps taking measures to reduce it – is another dimension of helping your customers to build a green profile and protect for the environment. The same applies for immediately detecting and handling leaks and other irregularities to limit excessive consumption and thereby preventing overconsumption of resources.

DUWO chooses Kamstrup

READy is already in operation at many housing associations. For example at DUWO where the new meters communicate remotely via concentrators and send encrypted data. DUWO also uses Kamstrup’s READy software for secure reading and billing preparation.

"We already automatically read heat, water and electricity meters remotely. This saves us a lot of time and money and it increases our service. With intelligent water meters, we don't have many years of experience but based on our experiences with Kamstrup, our expectations are positive."


One system, many options

A hosted READy solution provides completely hassle-free daily operations for your customers via a fully automated set-up and 24/7 access to data. But some will do with less, so READy is designed with flexibility and user-friendliness in focus, so your customers can handle remote reading in their very own pace.

It is easy to get started with READy and your customers can customise the solution to fit their needs any time and without having to replace meters. The semi-automated drive-by solution is easily upgraded to the hosted solution – no matter the preference, your customers will quickly experience how easy remote reading can be.

You and your customers need products you can rely on. Only that way, you can rest assured that you put your name on lasting, quality solutions. For this reason, we continue developing state-of-the-art metering solution that lead the way within the field of submetering. And we have all the necessary certifications and accreditations to support that mission.

What is the best solution for your next project?