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Posted on Tuesday, October 29, 2019 by Martin Møller Værum

New possibilities with test facility

What if you could test a new product and get hands-on experience before selling or using it?

Test facility

In Kamstrup a new test facility have opened that can be used to run field tests and to enhance the user experience of new products. Testing is necessary if you want to deliver high quality products and innovative solutions. It ensure that the development process is challenged and that ideas for improvements arise in order to optimize previous solutions. Therefore, a new test field has been built on Kamstrup to be used as a playground for future course participants and to help developing new innovative solutions. The test facility creates a realistic environment for technology to be tested. The new test facility includes an expanded track with a main pipe connected to multiple connection pipes, making it possible to test how our acoustic leak detection sensors react to leakages in different scenarios. Now it is possible to make even more precise and efficient tests of our new solution.

Corporation at field test facility

Training in listening for leaks

Different possibilities

In terms of service optimisation, the new test facility can function as a great way to endorse new products and solutions to employees, salespersons, customers etc. when they need to become familiar with this.
There are several options when it comes to service and it is possible to get both on-site and online training. In relation to the launch of the Acoustic Leak Detection solution training was needed for sales personnel and employees in order to be dressed for success. The new field test can help with practical exercises for courses such as the monitoring and verification of leaks course. This enable you to gain experience with Leak Detector, important and relevant listening techniques and how to listen in order to detect relevant sounds.

Excitement among employees
''It is very unique to be able to deliver such relevant hands-on exercises for such an advanced solution.  In Kamstrup Academy, we are very happy to be able to offer this type of courses to our customers in the future," says Signe Sloth Nørgaard.

What to find?

Setting up for success

Training and courses can be necessary in order to have the right knowledge and to expand competencies.
It provides you with great insight about how new system works and enable you to work more efficiently. In addition, training will allow you to be inspired and better utilize products or system opportunities. There are three types of courses that can be beneficial depending on the purpose of the training.

Product related courses and training
When a new product is launched it can be important to have knowledge about the new features it encompasses. This kind of course is product specific and focus on training in component and installation of Kamstrup products such as meters, modules and metering applications.

System related courses and training
Meter reading systems can be different so this course focus on system and software training in Kamstrup’s system such as READy and USB meter reading.

Customised courses
Tailored courses are an options as well. This ensure that your specific wishes are fulfilled and that you get the exact training that you need for your in order to implement your metering solution.

How to listen?

“Don’t just tell them, show them”


So what are the benefits?

Training gives you access to expert knowledge through practical training in the tools and components that are relevant to you. It provides you with greater insight into the opportunities that are available within your Kamstrup solution. But most important it increase efficiency and specialisation in your daily work.
You can read more about the different options for service and training here. 


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