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Posted on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 by Tor Skjold

80% of Resources saved by re-configuring the intelligent meters remotely

The tendency is clear: remote configuration saves you time and money – a lot of it.

As technology is continuously developing, your need for what your heat meter should do will change. You might want it to be able to give you different sets of data, be able to connect it to new software or perhaps something completely different. 

And if you, just for a second, think about for how long you want your meters to last – you’ll probably figure that you want that to be in the region of 10 years – or more. During that time, new technology and new possibilities will emerge This means that new demands to your meter will emerge as well. 

Perhaps local authorities have set out new regulations demanding some new information from you in terms of data or frequency of readings. Either way, this means that you have to re-configure your meters. And when this happens, will you look forward to the change?

If not, then you are probably painfully familiar with the problem of having to enter a household, coordinate with anyone who lives there, have an employee go there and reconfigure the meter more or less manually. This doesn’t only take time, it also takes money. 

And why not avoid that, when the solution is already here and ready to use?

To give you an example, a utility in Czech Republic found themselves in a position where their demands to the meter was not met. They needed the meter to be able to deliver a new data set – which, in this case, was only possible if they reconfigured 450 heat meters. 

Usually, that would take the utility more than 5 weeks or 200 work hours.

Instead, the utility utilised their smart metering capabilities and reconfigured all their meters remotely with READy, our data management software. 

By doing so, they only spend a total of 31 work hours – a little under a week.

This is 6 times faster and this means saving a lot of resources. All you need for remotely configuring the meters is a smartphone and a READy converter. 

And this isn’t a one-off case. In fact, a utility in Sweden also managed to reconfigure their meters 5 times faster by doing it remotely rather than manually. 

Remote configuration enables you to react quickly and efficiently to legislative or system changes ensuring that your network is always up to date to your desired needs without the hassle of planning and visiting the end user. As the two cases illustrate, remote configuration can lead to a reduction of the time spent by 80%. Time you can re-allocate to areas, where you can optimise your business even further.

With intelligent heat meters from Kamstrup, the flexibility you get from being able to reconfigure your meters, allows you to look forward to the future, instead of being afraid of what the future holds in terms of unexpected costs or customer visits.  

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