Static ultrasonic flow sensors

Accurate and durable

kamstrup flow sensors ultraflow
kamstrup flow sensors ultraflow

Pioneering work and continuous development

Since 1991 we have provided static ultrasonic flow sensors for heat meters and are among the pioneering manufacturers of this technology. The stand-alone flow sensors ULTRAFLOW® are the trademark Kamstrup static flow sensors based on the ultrasonic measuring principle. The proven long-term accuracy and durability have gained our flow sensors a reputation of trust and quality.

Continuous development has improved the whole performance of Kamstrup flow sensors, continuously reducing pressure loss, while still increasing the dynamic range and adding various smart features like the ability to mount a temperature sensor in the outlet of flow sensors with sizes up to qp 10 m3/h.

Modular meter set-up for maximum flexibility 
ULTRAFLOW® is known as a separate flow sensor. The modular composition of our heat meter set-up consisting of separate flow sensor, calculator and temperature sensor pair adds degrees of flexibility in your installation, thereby accomodating most needs. 

In cases where separation of flow sensor and calculator is required during installation, the cable to the calculator can easily be disconnected and connected again. This cable between calculator and flow sensor is in most cases also comparatively easily changable, underlining the intelligent and easy-to-handle design of Kamstrup products. In addition, you can exchange only one of your sub-assemblies, which minimises unforseen costs in case of a calculator upgrade or replacement of either part. The split meter solution allows cable lengths of 2.5m, 5m and 10m as standard and enables even extra-long cables of up to 100m to MULTICAL®.

Whether you choose to install the separate ULTRAFLOW® or the flow sensors connected to our compact calculators, you can be assured by the fact that all our flow sensors are based on the same platform. The ULTRAFLOW® technology has been utilised in the basic design of our other flow sensors integrated in our compact meters like MULTICAL® 302 and MULTICAL® 403 ensuring equally proven accuracy, durability and serviceability.


ULTRAFLOW® 54 DN15 – DN125


Your preferred choice for heat installations.

The flow sensor program ULTRAFLOW® 54 is particularly designed for heat meters in combination with MULTICAL® 603 and MULTICAL® 803. The flow sensors are available in a wide range of sizes from DN15 to DN125 and flow rates from qp 0.6 m3/h to 100 m3/h. In its segment it is your preferred choice for ordinary heat installations.

Flow sensors DN15-DN125 with threaded meters from brass or flanged meters from stainless steel come with a compact and rational design, where the electronics is close to the transducers and thereby integrated part of the meter housing. Depending on the sensor size specific flow conditioners and different ultrasonic paths (U-shaped and triangular shaped) ensure a correct measurement within the working range of the flow sensor.


ULTRAFLOW® 44 DN15 – DN 125

Your preferred choice for cooling installations and specialised heat installations.

The flow sensor program ULTRAFLOW® 44 is your preferred choice in case that your installation requires extra condensation protection (IP68). It tolerates even to be submerged up to 2 months and is therefore the answer to the demanding installations with severe environmental conditions like e.g. periodical flooding in some underground installations. It is particularly designed in combination with MULTICAL® 603 and MULTICAL® 803. The flow sensors are available in a wide range of sizes from DN15 to DN125 and flow rates from qp 1.5 m3/h to 100 m3/h. 

kamstrup flow meter ultraflow
kamstrup flow meter ultraflow
kamstrup flow meter ultraflow

ULTRAFLOW® 54 DN150 – DN300


Your preferred choice for industrial applications.

Our big flow program DN150-300 comes with flanged meters from stainless steel, where the electronics can be configured depending on the application. This simplifies e.g. an installation with extra-long cables, because the required output modules can already be integrated on demand. These flow sensors are particularly protected with respect to condensation and they are also approved for cooling installations.

kamstrup flow meter ultraflow

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