The digital substation

Take the next step in the smart grid evolution

OMNIGRID provides insight into the low-voltage grid by monitoring secondary substations and thus expanding the utility’s network of sensors to include all parts of the low-voltage grid.

This will provide better monitoring capabilities and enable utilities to operate more efficiently, make intelligent investments and reduce maintenance costs. Add to that an improved level of fault detection due to more detailed grid data. By means of both push alarms and early indications of changes in load patterns via extensive reporting, an OMNIGRID digital substation will help utilities to accurate fault detection. 

Via a module in an OMNIPOWER® CT meter, OMNIGRID collects, logs and analyses data from various sources and makes it available for analysis and reporting. A wide variety of sensors can be added to gather even more information from the substation (e.g. temperature or door alarms). It is also possible to connect a multi-instrument (power meter) for measuring certain power quality parameters. This provides utilities with information about production, consumption and voltage variations and allow them to proactively inform consumers about irregularities. The logged data also serves as documentation for delivery according to norm. 

Reusing the existing OMNIA® infrastructure, head-end system and MDM system for communication, data models and security, OMNIGRID is a low-cost digitization solution for substation monitoring. Remote firmware uploads ensure that OMNIGRID is always up-to-date.

Goodbye guestimates, hello data-driven predictions

Get more out of OMNIGRID with analytics

Combine OMNIGRID with our analytics tool Power Intelligence and start basing your capacity planning on data-driven predictions and change the way you do preventive maintenance. By means of intelligent analysis of data from your OMNIGRID digital substations and households and intuitive visualization, you will be able to see if substation is overloaded or not used to its full capacity. Further benefits include more accurate dimensioning of new grid areas and the ability to make informed decisions about when to change or upgrade existing transformers and cables.

Part of the OMNIA® smart grid platform

OMNIGRID is part of the OMNIA® smart grid platform. That means a wide range of benefits for utilities:

Data from household meters and substations are displayed in one place 

End-to-end data security according to the highest standards

Reduced investments in communication infrastructure - OMNIGRID can use the existing RF mesh network or alternatively point-to-point GPRS

Guaranteed system support for new functionality due to synchronized development across the entire system

Data from household meters and substations carry the same time stamp and can be correlated for advanced analysis

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