About blogger

Steen Schelle Jensen

Head of Product Management - Solutions

I am driven by unlocking the enormous potential of using data-based knowledge to improve the demand and supply of energy. For more than 15 years, I have worked with smart metering solutions for various market segments specialising in product management and business development.

As Head of Product Management for Heat/Cooling Solutions at Kamstrup, my focus is on developing solutions that enable utilities to optimise their business and day-to-day operations by unfolding the full value of their meter data. I am inspired by helping our customers on the journey towards a digital heat supply where decisions are based on facts rather than theory – because you cannot optimise what you do not measure.

Through my involvement in collaborations with other industry players, researchers and organisations, I am excited to be contributing to reaching a more energy efficient heat supply and realising the truly intelligent and integrated energy system of the future. It all starts today with smart metering and achieving transparency throughout the energy chain all the way to the end user.

These are exciting times in the district energy industry! Reach out to me if you share my excitement and are interested in knowing more or sharing your views.