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Lauge Andreas Kjær

Product Manager, Electricity Division

As a product manager in Kamstrup’s Electricity Division I make sure that our current products and services are being maintained, updated, and continue to meet customers’ demands. This requires me to have an exhaustive knowledge about the products and services we offer, how they fit into the market right now, as well as how they will have to change and transform in the future to stay relevant for our customers.

This means I get to work with a lot of different stakeholders, involving both customers and colleagues from all over Kamstrup; when the aim is to create holistic solutions, there’s no single point of information. However, thanks to my background as a physicist, my superimposed courses in journalism, and my diploma degree in business economics, I’m usually well-suited to tackle most challenges and tasks at hand.

I’m fascinated by the electricity business. It’s an area with a lot of interesting challenges, primarily due to the increasing demand for green energy. And I’m glad I get to do my part in helping solves some of those challenges. Moreover, I feel privileged to work at Kamstrup, because I have so many great colleagues around me. At no point in time does this become more clear to me, than when we, people from across Kamstrup’s departments, work jointly with customers to create new and innovative solutions to their specific needs.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy exploring the world of culinary arts. I get ideas and inspiration from dining out, which I use at home in my own cooking. I like the whole process of coming up with menus of multiple dishes, each complimenting each other, while still being significant on their own.