Training and Courses

– knowledge and tools to work more efficiently

With the right knowledge and training you get more competencies and greater insight into how your system works, enabling you to work more efficiently and better utilize its opportunities. In addition, this will provide inspiration for how you can actively use your metering solution to optimise other parts of your operation.

We offer the following types of courses

Product related courses and training

Component and installation training in Kamstrup products (meters, modules and metering applications). The courses are product specific and available for our electricity, water, heat and cooling products alike.

System related courses and training

System and software training in Kamstrup meter reading systems.

Customised courses

You have the option of having a course tailored to your specific wishes and based on your metering solution. Contact us, and together we will create the course that suits you.

Training can either take place locally or via video conference with Kamstrup employees or certified and educated partners. Our courses are available in different levels and can therefore be targeted according to your needs.

Your benefits

  • Increased efficiency and specialisation in your daily work
  • Greater insight into the opportunities that are available within your Kamstrup solution
  • Effective and fast training of new employees as well as refreshing the skills of current personnel
  • Access to expert knowledge through practical training in the tools and components that are relevant to you

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