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– expert guidance to simplify your daily work

When you choose a Kamstrup product, you can rest assured you are getting a reliable product that will run smoothly for many years. However, in the event that a meter does not function properly, we will of course repair or replace the meter within the warranty period. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive range of product related services that simplify your daily work and enable you to quickly resolve any problems that may occur. 

The collective experience and expertise of our service department is your guarantee of specialist guidance on our products, their operation and application. This ensures you get as much value as possible out of your Kamstrup product, with minimal maintenance costs.

Our Product Service & Support is divided into three areas:

Support Services

We make sure that your Kamstrup product works the way it is supposed to, and if you need help, you have direct and easy access to our service department.

For example:
  • Repairs and maintenance of hardware
  • Technical support via email, telephone or web interface
  • Extension of warranty
  • Disposal of worn-out meters

Some services are not available in all countries. Contact Kamstrup for more information.

Technical Assistance

We carry out verification, control and tests of your meters, so that you can be sure that they always comply with local legislation.

For example:
  • Meter verification
  • Control measurement and reverification
  • Legal controls and accuracy tests in accordance with current local legislative requirements
  • Annual inspection: Control and testing of meters including written documentation
Application consultancy

We use our extensive experience and product insight to guide you on the use of our products based on your exact needs and conditions. We can also solve specific problems or tasks for you, either on-site or via remote access.

For example:
  • Guidance on optimal meter choice and use
  • Field Service: Troubleshooting and specific task execution by experienced technical engineers
  • Installation guidance on-site or via remote access

Your benefits

  • Support with deep technical understanding
  • Specialist knowledge of Kamstrup hardware
  • Insight into current and future legislative requirements
  • Fast and efficient task execution and problem solving

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