Choosing a Kamstrup hosting solution for your meter reading system allows you to spend more of your time and resources on what you do best.

You leave server operation, software installation, maintenance and data back-up to us. We deliver the competences, the experience and the equipment you need – quite simply.

Your benefits

No large IT investments

You do not have to buy servers, hardware, software or third party licences. We supply and manage all IT services, which means that you have no tied-up capital in equipment etc.

Optimal IT performance

We guarantee uptime and operational reliability, and we have full application responsibility. In this way, we vouch for our own and any external software running the way it is supposed to.

High IT security
We make sure to maintain IT security and protection against hackers and viruses. Our system fully meets the requirements of personal data protection acts, and we always have a thoroughly tested and functioning back-up of your meter data.

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No maintenance

You avoid the hassle and costs involved in maintenance and updates. We ensure that both hardware and software is up-to-date at all times – this also applies to the competencies of our employees.

Flexibility from scalability

Our hosting solution adapts along the way to any changes in your system or your needs. This means there is no need for new investments if, for example, your number of meters suddenly increases significantly.

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80 % of our READy* customers choose Kamstrup System Hosting and have experienced great benefits from this service.

*Remote reading software for Kamstrup’s unique metering

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