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Make sense of your meter readings

READy is an effective solution for remote meter reading of intelligent heat meters. You get fast and easy access to consumption data and the system gives you access to tools for analysing and optimising your distribution network.

Kamstrup READy supports both wireless meter reading as well as meter reading of cabled meters in a Wired M-Bus system. Depending on your needs, the remote reading of your meters with a READy automatic meter reading system can take place in two ways.

You can read your meters on the go through mobile reading with your smartphone as you drive around your supply area. You can also choose to have your meters read automatically on a daily or hourly basis through a network with on one or more fixed data collection units.  A Kamstrup READy system can easily be adjusted to meet different needs and it can be expanded as your needs change. If you have chosen mobile meter reading, it is therefore easy to upgrade and expand to a network – one area at a time or all areas in one go.

Regardless of whether you choose a solution for reading via mobile or network, you get direct access to support, and meter data is stored safely with Kamstrup.

Data collection with READy

Explore the range of data collection options available for READy.

Network reading

Communication infrastructure for fixed network reading 

Automatic remote meter reading that provides daily and hourly values for better optimisation.

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Wired reading

Ideal for when wireless connection is not possible

Wired meter reading. Robust remote reading system.

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Digitalisation delivers measurable results

”By optimising our network operations we have, over the last few years, saved 2,500-3,000 MWh – that’s approx. 2.5% – and reduced pipeline losses by 12%”

Marc Roar Hintze, CEO, Assens District Heating.

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