Today’s utilities are under increasing pressure to manage water resources with added efficiency and integrity. Whether that scrutiny comes from governmental agencies, communities or utilities themselves, the path to sustainability begins by choosing products and solutions that are durable, accountable and intelligent. Kamstrup products are built to last, designed to learn and engineered for efficiency. As a result they help utilities minimize loss, prioritize repairs, educate consumers and operate more efficiently, paving the way to future stability. 

Taking Sustainability Forward

Kamstrup solutions advance sustainability for water utilities by providing accurate and reliable metering, enabling efficient water resource management. Through advanced data analytics, Kamstrup assists utilities in identifying and addressing inefficiencies, reducing non-revenue water, and promoting sustainable water consumption practices. The integration of cutting-edge technology in Kamstrup solutions aligns with the goals of environmental stewardship, supporting utilities in their commitment to a more sustainable and resilient water distribution system. 

Meeting Local and Federal Compliance

Kamstrup aids water utilities in meeting local and federal compliance requirements through its advanced metering solutions and data management capabilities. Kamstrup meters adhere to industry standards, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements that comply with regulatory guidelines. The integration of data analytics in Kamstrup solutions enables utilities to monitor and report on key metrics, facilitating compliance with both local and federal regulations. By providing comprehensive tools for data accuracy, transparency, and adherence to regulatory standards, Kamstrup supports water utilities in navigating complex compliance landscapes.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

The impact of water loss is quickly becoming a global issue with real possibilities to impact how we report NRW and Real Loss in 2023 and beyond. In 2022 the Leakage Emissions Initiative was formed. This initiative, with key members from across the globe, is working to establish a leakage emissions index to incentivize NRW management and CO2 emissions reductions. Simply by adopting Kamstrup products and solutions, utilities have been able to increase efficiencies and reduce operational burdens and CO2 emissions.

Three utility workers with tools observing a service line leak

Increasing Efficiency

Kamstrup's innovative solutions empower utilities to take a proactive stance on water conservation and increase efficiency. With real-time access to AMI meter readings through READy Manager, utilities can precisely monitor water usage patterns and identify potential leaks or inefficiencies promptly. By minimizing operational expenses, utilities free up resources to invest in water conservation initiatives and education programs. Kamstrup's advanced technology, coupled with the operational agility it provides, enables utilities to implement proactive measures that go beyond traditional reactive strategies, fostering a sustainable water management approach for the benefit of both the environment and the community.

Taking Action Against Climate Resilience

Achieving climate resiliency is a key goal for many U.S. water utilities, yet navigating the diverse challenges, including superstorms, flooding, and water stress, can be complex. Water stress, driven by factors like contamination and aging infrastructure, poses a significant hurdle in delivering ample potable water. Resiliency begins with visibility into the water distribution system. With Kamstrup meters and integrated acoustic leak detection technology, utilities not only have visibility into their network, they have the ability to take action and make data-driving solutions to prevent catastrophe. 

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