Working with PcBase II & MULTITERM WorkAbout


Here you can find Frequently Asked Questions related to the use of PcBase II software in connection with the MULTITERM WorkAbout hand-held terminal. If you do not find the help here, you can download quick guide or data sheets or you can take contact to our system support.

Questions relating to PcBase II and MULTITERM WorkAbout

1. Consumption data are shown unformatted and without “unit” indication.

Solution: Check that the meter's "format" number has been selected in PcBase II. Read the meter again using "Long data" package, and in the PcBase II→Quick Config use the Auto format function to update the meter's format No.

2. Consumption data read via MULTITERM WorkAbout are not exported

Solution: The missing readings are most likely, from MULTICAL III, in which the date function is not protected by a backup battery. The MULTITERM WorkAbout uses the "date" register in the meter as the date for "Time of Reading". If the filter "Time of Reading" has been used, these meter’s readings will not be included in the export.

In PcBase II→ Results, use the Time of Receipt filter: in 'From' type in the date when the readings from the MULTITERM WorkAbout were transferred to the database (DO NOT type in a 'To' date) and then click the Export button.

3. Consumption data from water meters connected to Input A and B of a MULTICAL heat meter with ULTRAFLOW 54 flow part are unformatted and missing unit indication.

Solution: Input A and Input B for the corresponding Format number of the heat meter are not yet configured.
1. Note the format number of the heat meter.
2. In PcBase II select the Setup→ Formats.
3. Select the Type name corresponding to the Format No.
4. Click the Edit button. Locate the field Input A and specify the number of decimals the water meters registers after the comma. In the next area type in the unit (m3, l/h etc.)
5. Repeat the same for Input B. Click the OK button to save the changes.
6. Click the OK button again and restart PcBase II.  Input A and Input B should now show formatted data under the consumption readings. This procedure must be performed for each individual Format No. read in PcBase II.

4. I have read MULTICAL 601 heat meters using the job type M10 or M11, but PcBase II does not show the data.

Solution: The M10 and M11 job types are used to read the MULTICAL 601 present monthly/yearly values. These values were programmed in the TA2/TA3 registers of the MULTICAL 66-CDE heat meter, but they are not programmed in the MULTICAL 601 heat meter as they are regular registers. These read values are saved in the registers 'T1 Avg.' and 'T2 Avg'.

1. In PcBase II, select the Setup→Display.
2. Locate ‘T1 Avg.’ and tick the corresponding check box.
3. Repeat the same for ‘T2 Avg.’.
4. Click the OK button and then click the OK button again to restart PcBase II.
5. ‘T1 Avg.’ and ‘T2 Avg.’ are now shown under the consumption readings.

5. Meters have been added to an existing group in PcTermRoute II, but I cannot select jobtype and datatype (Meter data/Module data) for some of the meters.

Solution: If you can not select job type or data type (Meter data/Module data) for some of the meters, it is because you have not selected the meters Readout method in PcBase II.

1. Open PcBase II→Meters.
2. Use the Find function to locate the required meter.
3. Select the correct Readout method for each meter.

6. I am unable to empty the readings from my MULTITERM WorkAbout hand-held terminal using the LIF-PFS connector. The screen displays "no communication".

Solution: Two things can cause this problem: PcTerm II has been started up using the wrong COM port or the main batteries need to be replaced.

1. Try uploading a route file to the MULTITERM WorkAbout hand held terminal. If the correct COM port has been selected, it works.
2. Ensure that the PCTermRoute program is closed and not blocking the COM port.
3. Check the state of the main batteries.Press the shift key and the key in the upper right area that resembles a sun. This will show the battery start. Check the state of the main batteries and replace them if necessary.