Accurate Metering


Integrity you can trust for 20 years     

Accuracy is the cornerstone for successful utilities. Without accurate metering, all other functionalities – financial stability, customer service and sustainable resource management – falter. Accurate meter readings are essential for fair and transparent billing, ensuring customers are charged accurately for their usage. Accuracy enables utilities to identify and address leaks promptly, reducing water loss and promoting sustainability. In the face of increasing water scarcity and regulatory demands, utilities can feel overwhelmed with options and tools. Yet, accurate metering remains the most simple and transformational improvements available to utilities. Kamstrup meters are the most accurate and reliable in the industry because they feature the highest quality, solid-state design and ultrasonic technology. And they are backed by a 20-year warranty. What could you accomplish if you knew you could trust your meters for two decades?

Optimizing Low Flow    

At Kamstrup, we have a saying: “life happens at an 1/8th of a gallon.” Because our meters boast some of the lowest starting flow rates in the industry across our entire portfolio of meters, we’ve seen the amount of water that would otherwise go undetected if not for our technology. With today’s hyper efficient appliances, fixtures and lifestyle hacks, low flow measurement minimizes loss and leads to more revenue throughout the meter's warranted lifetime. And, because the water meters have no moving parts, this performance does not degrade over time. For utilities such measurement sensitivity and durability can amount to significant, even transformational, revenue recovery.

Solid State Lifetime Accuracy  

Static technology is another foundational element of any smart water system seeking to enhance measuring accuracy. Static water meters not only offer a far wider and more precise measuring range than their mechanical counterparts, but its accuracy does not decline with age and use given there are no mechanical moving parts. Static water meters enable water utilities to be paid for every drop of water delivered to its customers. Static water meters enhance a water utility's ability to earn revenue to fund operational costs and future capital needs while maintaining positive community support by limiting rate increases. Because solid-state technology is not only more accurate, but also more stable and durable, Kamstrup’s metrology portfolio is focused exclusively on solid state technology, which is why we can offer our products with a 20-year lifetime warranty. 

Reducing Non-Revenue Water

Accurate metering is pivotal for utilities aiming to reduce non-revenue water loss. Accurate readings enable swift detection and resolution of leaks, minimizing water loss and promoting sustainability. With real-time insights, utilities can proactively manage distribution networks, ensuring efficient water use and meeting regulatory compliance. Accurate metering acts as a crucial tool for utilities striving to optimize operations, cut down on waste, and enhance overall water resource management.

Proactive Water Conservation

Accurate metering serves as a catalyst for proactive water conservation efforts. It enables utilities to identify and address leaks promptly, reducing water waste and supporting sustainability goals. With precise consumption data, utilities can implement targeted conservation initiatives and educate consumers on efficient water use. Accurate metering empowers utilities to take a proactive stance in managing water resources wisely, contributing to long-term conservation efforts.

Providing Lifetime Accurate Billing  

Accurate billing starts with Kamstrup's highly reliable low-flow meter, featuring solid-state hardware and a 20-year warranty. Kamstrup meters stand out as the industry's most reliable and flexible option. They facilitate seamless automation of billing file transfer between the Head End System (HES) and the Customer Information Software (CIS), expediting the billing process for verified accuracy each cycle. This automation reduces the need for 're-reads' or 'read verifications' and significantly cuts operational expenses by eliminating frequent truck rolls. Additionally, Kamstrup offers an agnostic billing format that easily conforms to any fixed width or CSV formats, enhancing flexibility and ensuring a tamper-proof, reliable billing process. We simplify data management, prioritizing accuracy and efficiency.

Improving Customer Service  

Accurate metering is critical to building trust with customers and improving customer service. This is especially true for residential communities where low-flow detection is undeniably honest. Accuracy also benefits alert systems that can be used to notify customers when anomalies arise, such as leaks, bursts, or freezing. These detection info codes instantly report into the AMI network upon triggering, ensuring a rapid response to flow conditions. This prevents customers from discovering problems the hard way, through their monthly bill. In addition, Kamstrup’s comprehensive usage graphs add significant value to customer service interactions. Most of all, data leads to increased satisfaction among customer service teams. Because information is helpful to everyone. 

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Whether your utility is adapting to conservation, learning to live with less water or adjusting to life with more data, we understand that matching solutions to problems isn’t always easy. Because every utility is unique. That’s why we begin by listening, so that we can offer solutions that work for you. Where do you need help the most? 

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