Utility Efficiency

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No matter how advanced or integrated a utility might be, efficiency is a challenge throughout the water industry. Whether your struggle is to optimize revenue, maintenance or personnel, everyone is looking to improve efficiency. And efficiency starts by prioritizing our most valuable resource: water. At Kamstrup we believe that the most direct path to efficiency is by controlling loss. Our customers agree. When water loss is reduced all other utility functions benefit.

Increasing Revenue  

Unlock new streams of revenue and enhance operational agility with Kamstrup's cutting-edge meters and solutions. Start with unparalleled meter accuracy, the key to recouping more water compared to other market alternatives. This not only increases revenue but also enables you to prioritize meter replacements over rate increases. With a 20-year accuracy warranty for residential meters, Kamstrup ensures rapid return on investment, making it a smart choice for utilities seeking financial gains and operational excellence. With Kamstrup meters as the foundation of your system, you’ll increase revenue while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

Reducing Operational Expenses (OPEX)  

Optimize your utility's financial performance by choosing Kamstrup's innovative solutions, which are designed to improve efficiencies and reduce operational expenses. At every connection, Kamstrup meters feature low head loss, minimizing back pressure and enabling utilities to achieve the same customer pressure with reduced system pressure. This translates to less pump time, decreased electricity consumption, and ultimately, a significant reduction in operational expenses, contributing to increased net revenue for your utility. At the network level, Kamstrup's READy Manager eliminates the need for truck rolls, offering seamless access to all AMI meter readings within accounts. This not only streamlines operations but also minimizes the necessity for costly re-reads. Choose Kamstrup for operational efficiency that directly impacts your bottom line.

Improving Customer Service  

Elevate customer service with Kamstrup's solutions, offering swift issue resolution through READy Manager's instant access to AMI meter readings, eliminating the need for truck rolls. The low head loss feature ensures consistent water pressure, enhancing the overall customer experience and minimizing complaints. Cost savings from reduced operational expenses may be passed on to customers, fostering positive relations and trust. Kamstrup's accurate meter readings and advanced technology contribute to service reliability, while operational agility enables proactive emergency response. Improved communication with customers further solidifies the utility's commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, making Kamstrup the key to a more efficient and customer-centric utility operation.

Managing Demand  

Harnessing operational efficiencies with Kamstrup empowers utilities to strategically manage demand, optimizing resources for a responsive and sustainable approach. With instant access to AMI meter readings through READy Manager, utilities can gather real-time data, enabling more informed decision-making to match supply with demand fluctuations. The low head loss feature reduces overall system pressure, allowing utilities to modulate pressure and flow more precisely, contributing to a fine-tuned management of water distribution. By minimizing operational expenses, utilities gain the financial flexibility to invest in demand management infrastructure and technologies, ensuring a resilient and efficient response to varying consumption patterns. Kamstrup thus becomes the cornerstone for utilities seeking a proactive and adaptive approach to demand management, ensuring a harmonious balance between supply, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction.

Proactive Water Conservation  

Kamstrup's innovative solutions empower utilities to take a proactive stance on water conservation. With real-time access to AMI meter readings through READy Manager, utilities can precisely monitor water usage patterns and identify potential leaks or inefficiencies promptly. The low head loss feature not only ensures consistent water pressure but also allows utilities to manage flow more efficiently, contributing to a proactive approach in reducing water waste. By minimizing operational expenses, utilities free up resources to invest in water conservation initiatives and education programs. Kamstrup's advanced technology, coupled with the operational agility it provides, enables utilities to implement proactive measures that go beyond traditional reactive strategies, fostering a sustainable water management approach for the benefit of both the environment and the community. Choose Kamstrup for a holistic solution that supports utilities in leading the way toward proactive water conservation.

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