Non Revenue Water

Non-revenue water is an ongoing challenge and a financial loss. No matter who you are, no utility can continually pay to produce water without return. Water loss undermines financial sustainability and contributes to water scarcity concerns and environmental impact. There’s a universal understanding that wasted water could be utilized more efficiently. Addressing non-revenue water is crucial for utilities to ensure fair billing, enhance operational efficiency, and contribute to sustainable water resource management in the face of increasing global water challenges.

Reducing Apparent Losses

Addressing apparent losses is crucial for utilities to ensure fair billing, maintain operational efficiency, and bolster their overall financial sustainability. The key to reducing apparent losses begins with a Kamstrup meter that features solid-state, tamper-proof construction and industry-leading accuracy. Additionally, Kamstrup's advanced data management capabilities enable utilities to detect and address unauthorized consumption promptly, reducing the impact of systematic data handling errors and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Reducing Real Losses

Real losses, often caused by leaks in the distribution network, pose a significant impact on water utilities by leading to water wastage, increased operational costs, and environmental concerns. Kamstrup meters and solutions offer a proactive approach to address real losses. Through accurate metering and advanced data management, Kamstrup helps utilities detect and pinpoint leaks swiftly, enabling timely repairs that reduce water loss, minimize operational expenses, and contribute to sustainable water resource management.

Finding Distribution Side Leaks

While acoustic leak detection (ALD) technology is not new, Kamstrup offers next-level ALD technology. The Kamstrup solution combines ALD-integrated metering with AMI networking and Leak Detection software, which delivers the most comprehensive and technologically advanced leak detection application in the market today. The solution is unique in its low-flow and bi-directional listening capacity, which has been proven to detect leaks on the distribution and service side of utility networks, no matter the size, pipe material or distance from the meter. This solution continuously monitors acoustic noise levels every day for 20 years proactively alerting utilities with machine learning dashboards so that non-revenue water planning and execution can be maximized.

Addressing Aging Infrastructure

Non-revenue water (NRW) loss serves as a vital tool in addressing aging infrastructure, shedding light on inefficiencies and vulnerabilities within the distribution network. By identifying and mitigating NRW, utilities can proactively enhance the longevity and effectiveness of aging infrastructure, minimizing wastage and ensuring optimal network performance. Kamstrup's solutions play a pivotal role in this process, offering accurate metering and advanced data analytics. Through timely detection and repair of leaks, Kamstrup contributes not only to reducing non-revenue water loss but also to the overall resilience and preservation of aging water distribution systems.

Increasing Efficiency

Utilities can substantially enhance efficiency by reducing non-revenue water (NRW) loss through proactive measures such as prompt leak identification and resolution. Additionally, utilities that invest in modern meters have the advantage of sophisticated data analytics tools for monitoring consumption patterns, optimizing system pressure, and identifying potential issues. Kamstrup's innovative products and solutions play a pivotal role in this process, providing accurate metering, advanced data analytics, and comprehensive tools to help utilities efficiently manage and reduce non-revenue water loss, ensuring a resilient and sustainable water distribution system.

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