Remote reading of smart water meters

Aside from the time saved compared to reading your meters manually, remote reading help you eliminates misreading errors, time consuming follow ups and estimated calculations. You get easy and secure access to meter data across your distribution network. Remote meter reading increases the quality of your data and makes it easier to analyze as you can look at consumption and supply data from readings made at the same time. The increased reading frequency lets you evaluate the effects of your improvements and discover problems much sooner instead of just once a year!

And it does not have to be hard to get started with remote reading. We offer a variety of automated meter reading and smart metering systems - from handheld devices or drive-by solutions to fixed networks.

When your weakness becomes your strength

Increase in revenue, optimization of operations and successful transition from AMR to AMI.

The EPA report from 2014 didn’t have good news for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI): Their water system was experiencing an overall 48 percent unaccounted-for water loss. Watch the movie or click to read more.

READy AMR Mobile Reading

With READy AMR Mobile Reading, you can easily read the utility's meters directly from your car. You get access to consumption data and any alarms or info codes.