Smart electricity metering

Our electricity meters and sensors are designed for much more than collecting data for consumption billing – they are the powerful engines behind doing things smarter. For that exact reason, they also offer all the functionality expected from a smart meter, including your choice of communication technology. 

Optimized for use in smart metering systems, our electricity meters offer seamless integration to a number of data collection systems via the standardized DLMS/COSEM interface. Unrivaled accuracy ensures that you can count on reliable consumption billing and satisfied users. On top of that, remote firmware upgrades keep your electricity meters up-to-date and ready for use for their entire meter lifetime of up to 20 years.

Based on 20 years of experience, our electricity meters perform with an exceptionally low failure rate. This not only ensures reliability, it also protect your return on investment. All this is part of the quality we can guarantee from of our fully automated production.

Western Cape Government, South Africa

“We did not know what we were consuming, so we used Kamstrup smart meters as an innovation pillar. Now we not only see all patterns of our consumption, but have optimized our whole energy management… It is not only about saving money, but about thinking energy, and being as resource efficient as possible.”

Expertise and flexibility ensures happy residents, AAB housing association, Denmark

Through a long-standing cooperation, Kamstrup has delivered tailored solutions on a variety of metering projects that have improved the everyday operations of the AAB housing association. This has resulted in efficient leak surveillance, invoicing of residents based on actual consumption as well as the desired supplier independence that AAB wanted.

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