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USB Meter Reader for easy, quick reading of heat and cooling meters

Pocket size meter reader
USB Meter Reader is compact and fits comfortably in a pocket even with the power pack, making it easy to transport when taking readings from the energy meters. Within seconds, consumption readings are received and this data is easily transferred to a pc. Software can be downloaded from the Kamstrup website.

This simple and fast solution has minimum outlay with each USB Meter Reader able to read up to 200 heat meters.

Flexible and easy to use
One or more USB Meter Reader devices in use

Each meter is created in the PC program entering the meter number and installation address, if any. If more than one USB Meter Reader is used in a system or if there are many energy meters, then these can be grouped and linked to a specific USB Meter Reader.

This is useful for landlords and property management companies who look after blocks of apartments as each block can be assigned to a USB Meter Reader. The meter list is transferred to the USB Meter Reader when it is connected to the PC or wirelessly when it is connected to the USB power supply.

This exchange of data is quickly and automatically carried out. Data can be exported in a variety of formats allowing it to be viewed and used in a way that best suits the customer’s requirements.

This mobile meter reading solution includes everything from the meter reading hardware to a user friendly meter data management system.

Low cost and user friendly meter reading

USB Meter Reader is a low-cost, fast and economical mobile meter reading solution which allows for different meter types to be read using one tool and is ideally suited for landlords, property management companies and where it is difficult to access the meters to read them manually.

Read the case story from the heat supplier in Münster, Germany.

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