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Unlock the Black Box of your distribution network

The value of your smart meter data goes far beyond accurate billing. The challenge so far has been to utilise its full potential, but with the right tools, you can do just that and transform your heat meter data into actionable insights. Kamstrup’s analytics platform for heat utilities provides insights and a new transparency turning your distribution network into a smart district heating system.

With this new heat intelligence, you can effectively go from imagining “What if” to knowing “How to”.

Your meter data is automatically combined with GIS information on your distribution network to give you a full overview of what is going on in your distribution network.

When you know what happens under ground

Heat Intelligence combines facts about your distribution network (pipe length, dimension, insulation, etc.) with data directly from your smart meters - giving you not just a smart but an intelligent district heating system. The added knowledge of your distribution network gives you a whole new level of transparency – without having to invest in additional sensors in the field. 

Create virtual meters
Using measurements from all end points in your distribution network, Heat Intelligence can calculate the temperature and flow even when no meter is installed.

Turning raw data into value and overview

Heat Intelligence offers an unparalleled overview of your district with detailed information on inlet temperature, outlet temperature and temperature deviations. You can follow the development closely, target your efforts and act as soon as outliers appear in your network.

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