• Reduce cost
  • Target investments 
  • Improve customer service

Linking frequent smart heat meter data with facts about the district heating pipes can fundamentally change the way you plan, operate and maintain your distribution network. 

Utilising the potential of data with heat analytics holds huge potential for smart district heating and can help improve asset management, reduce losses in the network and give unparalleled transparency of the current status between production and consumer.

By analysing data from intelligent meters, you will now know what happens above ground as well as below – all year round.

The solution is ready for smart district heating. It is up to you to take the next step.

Heat Intelligence

When you know what happens under ground…

You will unlock true smart district heating where you be able to

  • Locate your heat loss
  • Document your quality of delivery
  • Monitor your load and capacity
  • Identify what stresses your network

Get in touch for a discussion about how Heat Intelligence can analyze your data and create transparency in your distribution network.

Network Heat Loss

Continuous monitoring enables you to spot negative trends or developments so that you can react faster. You simply define your own limits for temperature deviations based on what is relevant for you. The result is shown on the map, and you can act accordingly. 

If the measured temperature is lower than expected, the issue could be a defect service pipe or poor pipe insulation. If higher, it could be caused by a leakage or a bypass.

Current network status

You are now able to see exactly how heat moves through your distribution network all the way to the end users. This means that you can document precisely what you have delivered at all times. You are also able to evaluate your temperature optimisation based on a visualisation of dynamically calculated facts rather than on a static model.
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