Meters and devices for the intelligent grid

Digitizing the grid begins with the devices that measure and collect data and bring intelligence to the edge of the grid. Our electricity meters and sensors are designed for much more than gathering data for consumption billing – they are the powerful engines behind the intelligent grid.

Our electricity meters offer all the functionality that you can expect from a smart meter – including your choice of communication technology, be it RF mesh or P2P. The range of choices includes NB-IoT. The accuracy of our meters is unrivalled, ensuring reliable consumption billing and satisfied end-users.

Over-the-air firmware upgrades keep the electricity meters up-to-date and ready for new use cases for the entire meter lifetime of up to 20 years, while exceptionally low failure rates protect your ROI. Our second-to-none product quality stems from a fully automated production.

Meters and devices

Can robots move a utility’s bottom line?

In our fully automated production facility, the robots move much more than just components and meters – they have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Designed for seamless integration

Our electricity meters are optimized for use in smart metering systems, offering seamless integration to a number of data collection systems via the standardized DLMS/COSEM interface.

At Kamstrup, we have decades of experience in working with system integrators and aim to be an agile partner in creating customized solutions for utilities. As a supplier of the entire smart metering value chain, we know how to ensure that the different components of a solution interact seamlessly.