Smart water metering by Kamstrup

At Kamstrup, we know that water is one of the most precious Canadian resources, and it is essential that real action is taken to protect water infrastructure for now and in the future. Major global trends are having a profound effects on the water industry.

From managing aging infrastructure to controlling operational costs, there is a lot on the line for securing the future of our drinking water resources. With our water smart metering solutions, you can improve your system’s capabilities today and gain the confidence to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

A major challenge is the lack of information about what is going on in the distribution network. The potential of smart water metering goes far beyond enabling accurate billing. It lights up your distribution network and is a constant source of information about what goes on. Having the right knowledge at the right time makes it much easier to effectively target your efforts and be proactive rather than reactive - for the benefit of the environment, the consumers and the utility's bottom line.

Based on our +25 years’ of experience in the water industry, we provide utilities around the world with state-of-the-art ultrasonic water meters, high-performing remote reading solutions, advanced monitoring of pressure and leakages as well as intelligent data analytics. We deliver solutions in all shapes and sizes, but while every project is unique, our starting point is always the same – you, the customer. In the same way, our goal remains to create solutions that deliver actionable insights so you can go from imagining “What if” to knowing “How to”.

Ultrasonic water meters

Our smart residential and commercial water meters support your efforts in water conservation, reliable customer service and operational efficiency.

Non-revenue water 

Solving your water loss challenges 
A high volume of Non-Revenue Water does not just mean lost revenue and higher operational costs for the utility, it can also lead to increased costs to repair leakages and energy consumption. Smart water metering helps you identify and deal with different kinds of water loss, and it is an effective tool in the fight to beat the leak.

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Smart water meters and remote reading systems

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