Acoustic Leak Detection

A solution for your leak detection needs

Leak detection is often a complex, time consuming and expensive task for many utilities. With acoustic leak sensors integrated within our water meters, you can collect the necessary data to enable you to target and optimize your leak detection efforts. The flowIQ® 2200 works to detect possible leaks in the service connections and across distribution mains. Kamstrup’s acoustic leak detection provides permanent monitoring of your distribution network 24/7/365 for 20 years.

Working in conjunction with the flowIQ 2200 meters, Kamstrup’s Leak Detector software offers an intuitive visualization and analysis of noise data from flowIQ® 2200 water meters. Based on an advanced algorithm, the system identifies the meters with the highest risk of leakage so that you can spend your time verifying and fixing leaks rather than searching blindly to find them.

With a faster and more efficient leak detection, you reduce your cost per identified leak and improve the efficiency of your Non-Revenue Water program. Detailed knowledge identifying possible leaks and the overall condition of your network will enable you to prioritize your daily efforts to when and where they will have the biggest impact.

The meter that listens for leaks

The flowIQ® 2200 

With flowIQ 2200, you get uncompromising accuracy, state-of-the-art acoustic leak detection, support for AMI, AMR and other intelligent features in one integrated meter with a 20 year lifetime. The flowIQ 2200's ALD capabilities may be activated anytime through a software-based upgrade without impacting the meter's battery life or warranty. This allows our customers to proactively manage water loss on a timeline that meets their needs and budget.

Software that locates leaks

Leak Detector

Leak Detector is a cloud-based platform with integrated GIS mapping that displays leak locations of your meters equipped with Acoustic Leak Detection technology. Leak Detector enables you to locate leaks in service connections and distribution mains based on acoustic noise levels registered by flowIQ 2200 water meters. With the system's advanced algorithm and map-based overview, you can easily identify installations where elevated noise levels indicate possible leaks or bursts.

Reversing Water Loss in a Rural Municipality

Oneida was put on notice by the EPA, like many rural municipalities with limited resources and aging infrastructure, Oneida was overwhelmed by increasing expectations and was out of ideas.

Are you ready to reduce NRW loss?

Find out how integrated acoustic leak detection is the most cost-effective and least labor-intensive method of identifying distribution side leaks.