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The meter for large commercial and industrial applications

The largest meter in Kamstrup’s industry leading portfolio of ultrasonic smart metering solutions, the flowIQ 4200 is designed for utilities looking to optimize their operations, reduce water loss, and improve overall efficiency.

The flowIQ 4200 is available in 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” sizes and is suitable for potable water applications.

Watch the flowIQ 4200 video

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How do ultrasonic meters work?

Kamstrup’s smart water meters are based on the latest ultrasonic technology that ensures pinpoint accuracy and reliability throughout its entire lifetime. Built without any moving parts, the meter allows for completely flexible mounting and offers extreme low start flows, secured hygiene as well as no loss of accuracy over time. For over 30 years, Kamstrup has produced ultrasonic meters with unrelenting precision whether they are installed in the cold of Iceland or the heat of the Middle East. While the benefits are convincing, you might wonder how measuring water with ultrasound actually works. Join us on a tour inside our meter and learn just that.
flowIQ 4200 US product image

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