A Kamstrup solution for district- and sectional metering consists of a magnetic inductive water meter (Siemens MAG8000), which is connected to a READy Gateway communication unit from Kamstrup. This solution gives you the opportunity to split your distribution network into sections and analyse the water waste and night consumption etc.

  • Wireless M-Bus
  • Long range
  • ‘Drive-by’ or network reading
  • High measuring accuracy
Siemens MAG 8000 front

    Eliminate non-revenue water

    Smart metering helps you identify and deal with different kinds of water loss, and it is an effective tool in the fight against water leaks.

    Accuracy is the cornerstone for successful utilities

    Reliable metering is key to utility success. Accurate readings ensure fair billing, detect leaks, and bolster sustainability. Explore the impact of trustworthy meters.

    Expect More From Your Meters

    Are you ready for a meter that’s not only smart, but also sensitive, reliable, intuitive and insightful? If so, it’s time to see Kamstrup meters in action.