flowIQ® 4200

Designed for commercial and industrial applications, the flowIQ® 4200 smart meter transcends expectations, offering an extended range and superior durability. However, its most distinguishing feature is its engineering excellence—explicitly geared for large-scale applications. It’s more than just a meter. It’s an insightful window into the intricacies of your water system, laying the groundwork for reduced waste, increased revenue, and greater peace of mind

  • Maximize Return-on-Investment
  • Sustained, Accurate Measurement
  • Integrated Smart Metering
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Data Analysis and Insights
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    Let the Benefits Flow with the flowIQ 4200

    Isn't it time your utility reaped the benefits of accurate, efficient, and reliable metering? Keep outdated metering from holding back your utility operations. Take a closer look at Kamstrup's flowIQ 4200—a game-changer in intelligent water distribution.