Kamstrup AMI - fixed network meter reading

Less Infrastructure, more data

Kamstrup AMI is a fixed network solution that consists of only a few components to read meters remotely and optimize the distribution network

Kamstrup AMI is an effective solution for remote reading of smart water meters. You get fast and easy access to consumption data and the system gives you access to tools for analyzing and optimizing your distribution network.

Kamstrup’s solution for reading water meters can be used for both drive-by meter reading (AMR) or remote reading via a radio network without leaving the utility (AMI). 

The solution is modular, meaning the system offers standardized components that can fit together in a variety of ways. So your water system can start with AMR and seamlessly progress to AMI – by implementing the system either at one time or in steps. Both the AMR and AMI components are designed for simple installation and commissioning, making it easy to build your own network.

Easy documentation of meter exchange

No more pen and paper for meter exchange documentation. Eliminate the risk of human errors and ensure correct data handling and very secure data storage with the Meter Exchange module. It enables you to store historical data, important notes and pictures related to a specific meter exchange in READy Manager. In other words, the Meter Exchange module reduces your workload and ensures traceability of the entire meter exchange process.

The easy way to remote meter reading of water

It does not have to be hard to get started with remote meter reading. With Kamstrup AMI meter reading system, you can say goodbye to manual reading  and estimated calculations. By installing one or more fixed data collectors in a supply area, the meters can be read remotely from the utility and the readings are automatically available in READy Manager.

Designed for "DIY"

It is easy to get started with Kamstrup AMI.

Kamstrup AMI system aims for simplicity and practicality; two components make up the AMI system: the data collector and the flowIQ® meter. A data collector consists of one or two antennas, a topbox and a base station (or box). The data collector is simple to install and it comes with instructions to ensure that the unit is installed correctly on the first go.

Test it before leaving the installation

You can check, which meters a concentrator can read, simply by using a mobile optimised website and entering the serial number. 
When you install new meters, you can check that they can be read by the system on the same site before leaving the installation – this way you never have to disturb the consumers more than once.

Optimal utilization of meter data with READy Manager

Whether you chose Kamstrup's drive-by meter reading or AMI fixed network readings, the management of meters and meter data takes place in the MDM software READy Manager. READy Manager has a simple user interface with a start screen and icon-based navigation that makes the program intuitive and easy to use.

READy Manager supports many different data formats and offers flexible import and export of data.

Smart metering is about so much more than consumption metering. Optimal utilization of data depends on how it is presented and used. Therefore, READy Manager offers a broad range of tools designed for modern utilities that give you an overview of, and help you utilize, your meter data. For example, you can increase the reading interval for strategically important meters to create a more

nuanced overview and read up to 50 meters in 5-minute intervals. To get an overview of the consumption and other parameters in different parts of your distribution network, you can group your meters in READy Manager. You can create groups based on geography or create groups of customers where you wish to follow the consumption more closely.

Moreover, READy Manager can visualize meter data in a bar chart and couple the consumption with any alarms or info codes. This can make it easier to compare the consumption from different meters and identify leaks, monitor temperatures or see other irregularities in the distribution network or with the end users.

Water utilities can also get an overview of the water loss in the distribution network and it is possible to monitor the pressure to stay updated on whether the pressure is optimal in all parts of the distribution network.

Remote configuration of the meter and remote reading of the log

With Kamstrup AMI, meters can be individually configured to communicate according to different communication schemes.  This means that you can now update the meters with new settings from outside the house using the READy App on your smartphone. You do not have to disturb the customers and you avoid logistical problems with accessing the meter.

No matter which communication scheme is used, info codes are transmitted instantly, so that they can be responded to quickly to reduce consequential damage. You can also change what information the meter transmits as part of the data package. Therefore, the meter’s settings can be continuously adjusted as the utility’s need for data and billing changes.

The two-way technology also lets you read out the meter’s log remotely. The logged data can be read from the road outside the house using READy App. This allows you to investigate abnormal consumption patterns without having to physically access the meter.

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